jordan's top 5 biscuits


5. The chocolate Hobnob - The breakfast biscuit.

It’s a classic, a staple if you will and because of that it had to make the list. Perfect for dunking and you get a lot in the packet, so if you’re good it will last you a few days, if you’re me you’ll finish a packet over breakfast.

"it's like porridge in a biscuit, oats" - Jordan 

4. Fox’s Milk Chocolate Round - An Afternoon Snack.

 This is the basic chocolate round, you’ll see rounds feature heavily on this list, that’s because they are the best. They have the perfect biscuit to chocolate ratio, so you can say you’re eating a biscuit but really, it’s half a chocolate bar!


3. Waitrose own Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie - The best coated biscuit.

 They call it a cookie, they’re wrong. It’s a biscuit. Now most of the big supermarket chains have their version of this biscuit. A chocolate chip biscuit coated completely in chocolate. Waitrose do it best, so I leave the rest unless I’m desperate.


2. M&S - Milk Chocolate Orange Biscuits.

 The second round to feature on this countdown. This biscuit is slightly more chocolate than biscuit and it used to be number 1 until M&S released a new one late last year. It’s a great biscuit. Thick, tasty and not so sickly you can’t eat the whole pack in a sitting


1. M&S - White Chocolate Rounds.

 There is nothing more to say, go out and find this biscuit. It’s the best biscuit ever made. I’ve done the work and the research and I promise you, you will not be disappointed.